Advice from SAMA Pros: Vol 1 Business

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Advice from the SAMA Pros (Volume I): The Business of Mosaic Art

Premiere print publication of a new SAMA series—Advice from the SAMA Pros (Volume I): The Business of Mosaic Art— This is the first in a series of volumes that pull from the Groutline Archives and present a cohesive treatment of topics related to the technical, professional and artistic development of mosaic artists.

Future Volumes we are planning include:

  • Exhibitions- how to enter and present yourself properly
  • Shipping- preparing your art to withstand the rigors of shipping
  • Commissions- find them, get them, and complete them with a minimum of anxiety.
  • Installations- stories from the field with solutions to various problems that may occur.
  • Design and Color Theory- tips for picking grout color, the effects of light on your mosaic, using digital technology to help you design,
  • Studios- how to run safe and efficient workspaces
  • Tools, Tesserae, Grout and Framing
  • Starting a Regional Mosaic Society
  • Recommended Resources- print and online for each category
  • Step by Step- a compilation of projects created by our professional members that break down the process in photos and instruction

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