A Guide to Mosaic Sites: San Fransisco

Price: $10.00


After moving to San Francisco in 1997, Lillian Sizemore witnessed an explosion of popularity for mosaics evolve. The idea for a guide with maps seemed a natural solution in order to share the fantastic artistic resource the city has to offer. Until this guide was created, mosaics had been a hidden and usually overlooked part of in the San Francisco landscape. This pocket-sized guide locates the most dazzling examples and puts them at your fingertips.  It is a perfect entrée into one of the most creative and cultural cities in America.

This ‘Zagat Guide’ for mosaic sites became the inspiration for SAMA volunteers to create similar guides for their cities.  We are very excited and honored that Lillian has donated this publication to SAMA, adding to our collection of city guides available here in the SAMA Store.

This guide features:

  • 36 full-color pages
  • 11 detailed maps organized by neighborhood
  • Over 40 color photographs
  • 57 different site locations
  • Informative and educational descriptions
  • Historical and technical notes
  • Resources and glossary

This was the first compendium to focus exclusively on publicly accessible mosaic sites and is a must-have for anyone who wants a fresh, creative perspective to touring around San Francisco. It’s a perfect way to discover a part of the city that most of its residents don’t even know exist.

ISBN 0-9752894-0-3

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